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Why Institute? 

Attending a Suzuki Institute in the summer is a big commitment. Undoubtedly, your child's teacher is stressing the importance of it, but you, the parent, might be on the fence. After all, it is a big expense, may require you to take time off work, and may require finding childcare for your Suzuki student's siblings. Maybe it feels like it's just too much on top of the time commitment and expense of lessons? All of this is stressful, and begs the question: is Institute really worth it? 

Here are some of the best things about attending a Suzuki Institute to help you decide: 

  1. Immerse yourself and your child in a nurturing, positive atmosphere where individual value and potential is recognized

  2. Daily masterclasses enable opportunities for substantial improvement and confidence on the student's instrument in a very short amount of time - from Pre-Twinkle to advanced levels!

  3. Meet like-minded students, parents, and faculty, many of whom could become lifelong friends!

  4. Balance time spent on the instrument with free/fun time!

  5. Receive fresh motivation and inspiration for practicing, playing, and performing!

  6. Meet people from all over the United States, Canada, and beyond!

  7. Come as a studio and find opportunities to build on that community - eat meals together, attend events together, practice outside together, or request to stay near each other in the dorms.

  8. Attend inspiring performances by fellow students, faculty members, and guest artists.

  9. Attend special events for parents like parent talks, coffee hours, and more.

  10. Work with teachers of national and international reputation.

  11. Feel the exhilaration of playing in a chamber group, large ensemble, fiddling, or improv class

  12. Feel the exhilaration of performing with over 50 other students in the Final Concert

  13. Be able to perform on the stage of UGA's world-class Hodgson Concert Hall!

  14. Scholarships are available! If your primary concern is financial, we encourage you to apply for one of ASI's scholarships, or other scholarships through state-wide Suzuki organizations (including the Suzuki Association of Georgia for those who live in-state). Check for early deadlines!

  15. The novelty of playing music in a space other than the student's weekly lesson and group class environment.

  16. Practicing for hours a day without even realizing it because the students are having so much FUN! Imagine the progress they will make!

  17. Expanding musical horizons - yours and your child's - by hearing all kinds of music, all levels of players, and multiple instruments (violin, viola, cello, and guitar) in a variety of settings (group classes, fiddling, improvisation, drummer, chamber music, and more).

  18. Experience the fun of living on a college campus, eating in a dining hall, and staying in a dorm room. How exciting for your child!

  19. Take advantage of quality time with your child. Create lasting memories in an environment free from the stress and distractions of home and work. 

  20. Find a support network and new solutions to challenges by attending parent-focused events and/or talking informally with other parents throughout the institute day. 

  21. Experience Dr. Suzuki's message that every child can learn given the proper environment!

We hope this information will be just what you need to be convinced of the value of attending the Atlanta Suzuki Institute, despite the sacrifices you may need to make. While daily schedules will not be determined until early June, please let us know what other questions you have about your institute experience might be like by emailing us at

We hope to see you in June at the Atlanta Suzuki Institute on the University of Georgia campus!

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