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Honors Recital

Students who wish to perform on a recital at the 2024 Atlanta Suzuki Institute should prepare a video audition, upload the recording to YouTube, and complete the Honors Recital application below. All applicants will be required to enter the recording link in the application. Links submitted outside the application will not be accepted. 

Honors Recital Application and Recording Submission Guidelines: 

  • ASI students of all levels and instruments are encouraged to submit their best performance.

  • Include the student's teacher in the application process. Ask for their advice and have them pre-approve your recording before submitting.

  • The student's video should be recorded between April 1 and June 3, 2024. 

  • The deadline for applications and recordings is Monday, June 3, 2024. 

  • Performances should represent the student's most polished piece, not their most recently studied piece. 

  • Students are encouraged to select a piece they have already performed in public with accompaniment (if applicable). 

  • Piano accompaniment is recommended (if applicable), but not required for the video submission. CD or SmartMusic accompaniments are acceptable, as is performing without accompaniment at all. 

  • The piece performed on the recording is the piece the student will perform on the Honors Recital (if selected). There will be no exceptions. 

  • Performances (both for the recording and for the Honors Recital, if selected) should be from memory. 

  • Honors Recital performances will be performed with accompaniment (if applicable). The Atlanta Suzuki Institute will provide the accompanist. 

  • Successful applicants will receive an invitation to perform on the Honors Recital by Wednesday, June 12, 2024. The decision of the Honors Recital selection committee is final. 

Students selected to perform on the ASI Honors Recital will have one brief rehearsal with an ASI accompanist in the recital hall prior to the performance. This rehearsal will be scheduled by the ASI directors during a mutually convenient time slot for both student and accompanist. Rehearsal time information will be included in the student's registration packet, which the student will receive upon check-in at ASI. Rehearsal times are not negotiable and missing the scheduled rehearsal may disqualify a student from performing. If time allows, students performing an unaccompanied piece may also be given a brief rehearsal time in the recital hall. 

Dress for the Honors Recital can be casual as the performance will likely be in the middle of the institute day. 

Video Recording Guidelines: 

  • Set the camera to landscape orientation (sideways) for the recording and position the performer in the center of the screen so all parts of the instrument and bow arm (if applicable) are visible. 

  • Videos should be uploaded to YouTube, and all applicants are required to include the link for the YouTube video in the application. 

  • The student's YouTube video visibility should be set to "unlisted" so all Honors Recital selection committee members have access to the video for evaluation. See YouTube's instructions for changing video privacy settings for additional details.

  • The video title must include the student's name, piece title, and composer's name.

  • View this step-by-step guide for uploading YouTube videos for additional assistance. 

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