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A Day in the Life at ASI

Not sure what to expect from the residential institute experience? Come on a written tour!

You'll start by arriving on campus in the afternoon on Wednesday, June 19. ALL students are required to check in and receive their registration packet on Wednesday afternoon, even those not staying on campus. Elective classes will meet following registration. Due to the Juneteenth holiday, UGA's Dining Services facilities are closed, so everyone will be on their own for dinner. 

Your first full institute day will start bright and early, waking in your dorm room (likely in Reed Hall) or your off-campus housing, using your own bathroom to get ready for a long but fun and music-filled day! You'll probably want to pack all your supplies for the day and take them with you, such as your instrument, snacks, water bottle, a music stand, music, notebook, and of course your child! The first activity for students on the meal plan is a walk to the Village Summit for breakfast (0.9 mi/20 min walk from Reed Hall). Meet your studio mates or new friends from the play-in in the dorm lobby and use the walk to chat about your favorite breakfast food (there will be LOTS of options in the dining hall), an institute teacher, class, or activity you're looking forward to, or your favorite places to practice! 

After breakfast, classes will be held primarily in the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, a 5 minute walk from the Village Summit Dining Commons. Core classes and enrichment classes will be scheduled roughly between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM with a mid-day break for lunch. The Family Chorus will meet at 5:00 PM.

Pre-Twinkle & Twinkle students will have 2 core classes each day (a masterclass and group class), and Book 1 through Book 4 students will have 3 core classes each day of the institute (a masterclass, a group class, and an elective class; no elective classes on Sunday to accommodate dorm check-out and the Final Concert schedule). Book 5+ students will have 4 core classes each day of the institute (a masterclass, a group class, an elective class, and a chamber music class; again, no elective classes on Sunday). Students have the option to add elective classes (1 extra class for all levels) that will meet each day, Wednesday through Saturday. 

Your daily schedule will likely include an hour off here or there for free time. Take some time to check out the Georgia Museum of Art across the quad from the Hodgson School of Music, practice, read a book in a shady spot, or find a friend to play a game. You may also want to grab a healthy snack from the Campus Market Express in the Hodgson School of Music 2nd floor lobby, a comfortable place to hang out and relax in the air conditioning! You can also take a walk around the University of Georgia's beautifully landscaped campus or on the Oconee River Greenway trail just outside the doors of the Hodgson School of Music!

Other activities you may opt to participate in through your stay will be an honors student recital (more information coming soon!), guest artist recital, pop-up play-ins, games in the arts quad, and more! As we continue to plan the details of the ASI 2024, we're adding more and more informal opportunities for students to gather together and enjoy the Suzuki atmosphere. Much more information about these events will be announced closer to the start of the institute. 

Parents: we haven't forgotten about you! Institutes exist to help nurture your growth as a Suzuki parent and practice partner, too! We'll have parent coffee hours, parent talks, and other special events to support your Suzuki experience. 

When each day comes to a close, you and your child will surely drift off to sleep after a full day of music-making and inspiration, ready to go again the next morning! 

Some important scheduling logistics:

Masterclasses, group classes, and elective classes (and chamber music for Book 5+ students) will happen for 4 days of the institute, but the art class, and family chorus will only happen Thursday through Saturday in order to accommodate time needed to check out of the dorm and the late afternoon Final Concert on Sunday. 

Due to adjusted weekend hours at UGA Dining Services facilities, it is possible that the daily schedule on Saturday may need to be altered slightly from the daily weekday schedule, including meal times and meal locations. This will be published well in advance once the institute schedule is determined in early June. 

As mentioned above, Sunday's schedule will be altered even further to accommodate the Final Concert in the early afternoon and dorm check-out for those staying on campus. This will be published in the packet you'll receive upon check in on Wednesday afternoon. 

The Final Concert on Sunday will be held in Hodgson Concert Hall in the UGA Performing Arts Center. The exact start time will be determined in early June. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or events you would like to see at ASI 2024, please feel free to share those with us! See you in June!

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