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Teacher Training: Suzuki Early Childhod Education (SECE)

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) is based on the premise that the potential for every child is unlimited. Suzuki Early Childhood Educators work in partnership with parents to create a stimulating learning environment.

ASI will be offering Stage 1 SECE training in 2019

There are 5 stages of SECE teacher training.  Each stage focuses on the common curriculum found on the “Lullabies, Action Songs, and Rhymes”, SECE curriculum recording, in a five day, 30 hour course, including daily observation and participation in Suzuki Early Childhood classes and pedagogy sessions.

SECE Intro Video from Little Music, Canada

Prerequisites for Trainees:

1. Complete Every Child Can!

2. Be active members of the Suzuki Association of the Americas

3. Be able to sing in tune, keep a steady beat.

4. Study the songs and rhymes of the SECE curriculum “Lullabies, Action Songs, and Rhymes” CD and be prepared to perform the songs and rhymes during the SECE training classes.

5. Stages should be taken in order.

Recommended, but not required: two years of Suzuki training on an instrument, or college training in early childhood education, with a minimum of two years teaching experience.

Prerequisite Reading for Trainees:

Nurtured by Love by Shinichi Suzuki

Ability Development from Age Zero by Shinichi Suzuki

Lullabies, Action Songs and Rhymes Handbook by Dorothy Jones

• Any class literature provided by trainer prior to the start of the course.

SECE Stage One

Stage 1 emphasizes the development of a child from birth through age three.  Teacher participants will learn how to set-up, develop, and grow a SECE program, while focusing on the following topics:

  • Discussion of the 7 SECE concepts

  • The importance of the Suzuki approach to early childhood education

  • Pre-natal and post-natal learning environment

  • Equipment used in SECE classes

  • How to set establish team teaching and parent education

  • The sequence of Baby/Toddler class curriculum

  • Teaching strategies

  • Ongoing documentation through teacher and parental observations of the child

  • Assisting parents in their critical role as a role model, observer, and most important teacher for their child


Trainees should expect to have daily class assignments and written observation assignments.  Each trainee will have an opportunity to lead an activity in the daily baby/toddler class during the training week.  There will also be a brief, individual consultation with Ms. McCall at some point during the training week.  The SECE baby/toddler class will also participate in the Final Institute Concert on Friday afternoon.  Students are encouraged to implement a Baby/Toddler class following Stage 1 training, prior to taking Stage 2.

Registration will be held early Sunday afternoon, with classes beginning immediately after registration.


June 16-21, 2019

Roswell First Baptist Church

Registration Fee (non-refundable): $100  ($150 beginning May 1)

SECE Course Fee: $480

SECE Materials Fee: $35