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Student Program: Suzuki Early Childhod Education (SECE)

Dr. Suzuki believed, and science has since corroborated, that children are innately musical, and that aural recognition begins in the womb!   

Suzuki Early Childhood Education shepherds this ability in children as young as many weeks old, to 5 years of age. In nurturing, mixed-age classes, students interact with each other, their parents, and teachers, to build self-esteem, social skills, appreciation of beauty, self-discipline, and critical thinking through the joy of music.  


Children ages 0 - 4 years are invited to join our SECE classes at the Institute.  Classes will be held at 9:30 - 10:30 each morning Monday - Friday.  Please note that this class also serves as a lab experience for teachers participating in Suzuki Early Childhood Education Stage 2 training at the Atlanta Suzuki Institute. 


Registration is required by May 10 and parents are required to purchase or download from Spotify or iTunes, "Lullabies Action Songs and Rhymes" Week 1 and Week 2.  Both parent and child should listen to the tracks daily, beginning as soon as possible after registration. As the child’s first and most important teacher, parental participation is instrumental in the success of the child and required for the SECE classes.

Registration Fee: none

Class Fee: $85

SECE Intro Video from Little Music, Canada

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