Teacher Training: Cello Units

The Atlanta Suzuki Institute is thrilled to offer teacher training opportunities with renowned SAA Teacher Trainers from across the United States. ASI is the perfect place to learn about the Suzuki approach and philosophy for the first time, or to hone and expand your teaching skills. Our 2021 location will be determined at a later date. 


Teachers enrolled in training must be at least 17 years old, have a high school diploma, and be an active member of the SAA. Teachers may enroll as participants or auditors. To qualify as a participant, teachers must pass an audition submitted to the SAA. Participants who successfully complete a course will have the training registered with the SAA. Auditions are not required for auditors, nor will training be registered with the SAA.


Cello Practicum

Postponed to June 2021

The Practicum unit focuses on honing the art of teaching, and was developed to enhance the SAAA's level-by-level unit training. 

Format of the course includes lecture/demonstration (15 hours) and supervised observation (8 hours). Participants must have a current Suzuki cello studio. Participants must bring video recorded lesson segments of their home teaching in DVD format. Criteria for videos:

  • A complete 30-minute lesson

  • One 30-minute segment containing materials of the participant's choice (e.g., consecutive lessons of the same student, a group lesson, a reading lesson, a challenging student, lessons at different book levels, etc.)

  • More footage can be included on the DVD, but video viewing will depend on time constraints, class size and other factors

  • Angle of the camera must show the student's hands

  • The closest possible camera placement should be used that includes the student's entire body

  • The teacher should be visible during much of the lesson

  • Whenever possible, include the parent as well

  • Try for the best quality sound possible (Note: it is recommended that participants record many lessons over time and select from them the portions to include on the video)


In addition to viewing and discussing DVD materials from the participants' home studios, Practicum participants will have the opportunity to teach on-site students with guidance from the Teacher Trainer. 

Suzuki teachers who have registered ECC! and Unit 1 (or 1A and 1B) are eligible to take the course in their instrument area. Maximum enrollment: 5 participants. Minimum enrollment: 2 participants.

Registration Fee (non-refundable): $75 (until March 1)

Cello Practicum Course Fee: $430

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