Atlanta Suzuki Institute

Student Programs: June 21 - 26, 2020

Teacher Training Programs: June 19 - 27, 2020

Early Bird Registration: Before May 1

Late Registration: Until May 31

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Our Team

The 2019 Atlanta Suzuki Institute features pre-eminent faculty from around the United States.  We welcome you to learn more about their expertise and dedication to the Suzuki Method.

Rachael Fischer
Kristin Jutras
Joanna Binford
Viola, VA
Reagan Brasch
Violin, CT
Kirsten Browning
Lisa Deakins
Violin/Fiddling, SC
Anne Donaldson
Violin, DC
Teri Einfeldt
Violin, CT
Christie Felsing
Violin, CT
Chris Fiore
Cello, PA
Nancy Hair
Cello, MA
Leah Jacobson
Violin, CA
Kirsten Marshall
Violin, NY
Lynn McCall
Emma Shubin
Eurhythmics, CO
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